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Composting and Overseeding

Give Your Lawn That Extra Edge

Meadowbrook Mulch is a leading provider of compost and overseeding services in the region. With their state-of-the-art material blower truck, they are able to efficiently and effectively distribute organic compost to achieve healthy and lush lawns. Their advanced equipment has revolutionized the industry and made their services in high demand. Customers are always impressed with the quality of the work and the attention to detail shown by our skilled technicians. The outstanding results achieved by Meadowbrook Mulch have generated a steady flow of job leads and referrals, making them the go-to choice for anyone looking to improve the beauty and health of their lawn. Give them a call today and see the difference for yourself.

Free Quotes for Compost & Overseeding

Call Meadowbrook Mulch and Erosion Control today!

Our 5-Step Overseeding Process:

  • We core-aerate the entire area that is to be treated.

  • We overseed the aerated area.

  • Our blower trucks apply a thin layer of compost over the area.

  • We lightly overseed the area again.

  • We use a drag mat to break up the plugs created by aerating and to force the compost and seed into the aeration holes.

Mulching is one of our least favorite things to do. We were so excited to hire Meadowbrook Mulch and Erosion Control! They were affordable and dependable. I'll be sure to hire them next year as well.

- M. Moore
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