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Erosion Control - Silt Sock

Effective Erosion Control

Silt socks are a tubular mesh product filled with a custom woodchip / compost blend.By utilizing the technology of our pneumatic blower trucks, Meadowbrook Mulch and Erosion Control can apply Silt Sock in hard-to-reach areas while causing very little disturbance to sensitive environments.

Silt Sock installed via a truck mounted blower are available in 8", 12", and 18" diameters. This installation method allows sock to be installed in one large continuous run, with little to no over lapping necessary.

Applications include inlet protection, storm drain protection, ditch checks, and sediment control on slopes. It is a perfect alternative for hay and silt fence.

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Pre - Filled Filter Sock

We also sell pre-filled Silt Sock on a pallet, ready to install. Standard diameters of pre-filled sock include 8" and 12". There is 160' of pre-filled sock on the 8" diameter pallet and 96' of pre-filled sock on the 12" diameter pallet.


The difference between our pre-filled sock and others is our sock pallets come in sections. On an 8" diameter pallet, there are eight (8) 20'ft sections of pre-filled sock. On the 12" diameter pallet, there are six (6) 16'ft sections of pre-filled sock. Others sell pallet sock that is one continuous length, making the installation process more difficult than it needs to be.

The Benefits of Silt Socks

  • Easy application in hard-to-reach areas

  • Superior filtration

  • Minimal failures

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to remove

  • No disposal cost

We couldn't have asked for a more professional group. Meadowbrook Mulch and Erosion Control were in and out in a matter of hours and were great about leaving everything nice and neat.

- J. Harrison
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